Kate Gosselin: 'I Hope to Be Doing Something Else in TV'

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin hinted about possibly being involved in a new TV series called "Twist of Kate," which is still under wraps. "If it's not this show, I hope to be doing something else in TV. I've been given the gift of gab, so why not use it."

The reality mom also shared her thoughts on voting for Sarah Palin, her kids, and getting remarried.

Ever since the Gosslins' famous vacation last year in Alaska, Kate said she would vote for Palin "if her issues and things that she stands for are in line with what I believe." Gosselin went on to say, "I'm totally for a woman president. So more power to her... I say go for it."

Already in the second season of her TLC show "Kate Plus 8," the 36-year-old hopes for a bright future and wants "eight healthy, happy, awesome, wonderful, productive kids."

As for remarrying, Kate revealed that she does see herself settling down again. "The kids talk about it, believe it or not," adding, "They're bored with just me."

Monday nights are never boring if you're watching "Kate Plus 8" on TLC!