Howie Mandel 'Mobbed' at The Grove

TV personality Howie Mandel chatted with "Extra's" Renee Bargh at The Grove about a new reality show called "Mobbed," which deals with surprising someone with a flash mob. Mandel invites you to get involved!

"If you have an idea, like if you want to quit your job or tell someone the baby's yours, or have a surprise and you want it to be shown in a flash mob, go to and tell us your idea and why we may bring them to a public place and have a big dance... do the message."

The star also talked about the new season of "America's Got Talent." "It's exploding! Think the level of talent... the bar was set last year and we have bigger, better, zanier!"

As a judge, Howie describes himself as "excellent. You can't tell on television but I'm great-smelling and think I'm a phenomenal judge. I really think I have a sense of judgment, but who am I to judge?"

Want someone to get 'Mobbed'? Send Howie your idea by going to!