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Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards

It was Paris Hilton's last hurrah, but she wasn't the only one creating red-carpet chaos at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards.

A platinum-blonde Victoria Beckham arrived without her better half. She told "Extra" she's busy decorating her new Beverly Hills home, which is close to BFFs Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

"I want to get everything perfect for when David and the children get here," she told us.

Victoria also told us she's bracing for a paparazzi onslaught similar to what she faces in Britain, but she hopes things will calm down "once we get here and people realize that we're just a normal family and we do normal things."

Meanwhile, the anticipated red carpet collision of Justin Timberlake's ex, Cameron Diaz, and his current squeeze, Jessica Biel, never even happened!

Jessica and Cameron were able to stay far away from each other, with Jessica arriving alone and Cameron with her "Shrek the Third" co-star, Mike Meyers.

Fergie and boyfriend Josh Duhamel arrived separately for the show, and the "Las Vegas" star revealed that Fergie's tour will keep them apart this summer as well.

"She's just gone all summer," Josh told us. "Whenever I get a chance, I'll go see her."

When Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen won "Best Kiss" for "Talladega Nights," they took part in some major man-love that got people squirming in their seats!

"300" hottie Gerard Butler had a front-row seat for their lip lock, and he joked to us, "I hope they have condoms - or some sort of protection!"

Eh, the funny guys didn't go that far.

But it did stick in people's minds - for better or worse!

Comedian Dane Cook said it was an image he'll unfortunately never forget.

"You know that thing where it's like, 'Should I be like almost throwing up at this point?' But I was laughing at the same time, so it was almost like this sick laugh," Dane recalled.

Robin Williams joked, "That wasn't acting - that was a moment!"

Back onstage, the big moments began when legend Jack Nicholson won "Best Villain" for "The Departed."

Johnny Depp took home the "Best Performance" award for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates" movies, and he thanked Disney for not firing him!

But no one could escape the Paris Hilton media circus -- even backstage it was the talk of the town.

Dane Cook fantasized about hooking up with Paris, joking, "That's the way I always roll with my women. I always catch them before they head to their incarceration!"