Oscar de la Hoya: Trading Boxing Gloves for Dancing Shoes?

Only “Extra” has your exclusive ringside seat for Oscar de la Hoya’s last week of training before his big Las Vegas fight!

This Saturday could be the fight of his life as he gets ready for a showdown with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

But first – Oscar is breaking BIG news, only to “Extra.”

Oscar says a stint on “Dancing with the Stars” could be in the works!

“I’m getting ready,” he said. “Once I retire from boxing!”

But retirement isn’t here just yet: first, the champ has to get through that mega-fight with the mega-hype at the MGM in Vegas.

So how does a champion prepare for the big day?

“Right after I watch ‘Extra,’ I go to sleep,” Oscar revealed.

Yet even with lots of sleep and his mind of the prize, Oscar tells “Extra” there’s one thing that can make him lose focus: celebs!

“You know when I got distracted?” Oscar said. “It was when I fought Shane Mosley at the Staples Center for the first time, and you’ll see like Salma Hayek there!”

Still, Oscar says he’s ready for the fast-footed, tough-talking Mayweather.

“I’m ready. I’m physically ready,” he said. “Mentally I’m there!”