J-Lo to Adopt…Sanjaya?!

Only “Extra” is going one on one with the one and only Sanjaya!

Our Terri Seymour sat down with the mane man to find out what’s up with the world’s most watched locks.

“My favorite was definitely when I sang Besame Mucho…minus all the oil [in my hair],” he revealed.

On Friday, Sanjaya was also singing guest mentor Jennifer Lopez’s praises: “She really cared, she really wanted to help us.”

As for J Lo’s husband Marc Anthony’s admission that he wants to adopt Sanjaya, the “Idol” wannabe couldn’t find words for the offer.

“I don't know… I was like, ‘Sure.’ I mean, I’ve never been offered to be adopted,” he said.

Now that his “A.I.” days are over, Sanjaya is getting his first taste of fame from “The Tonight Show.”

Jack Black, who was the guest star alongside the lovable singer, revealed, “You had a great ride, Sanjaya!”

And this weekend, Sanjaya will travel to the White House Correspondent’s dinner… where he could meet President Bush!

So what will he say to GW?

“I don’t know! I’ve never met a president; I don’t know what you say to them!” Sanjaya said.

But before he begins his famous new lifestyle, Sanjay is sending a message to his famous number one fan, Ashley.

“Hi Ashley, I’m glad that I got to meet you and don’t cry… it’s okay!” he said.

However, her tears flowed again when we delivered his message today!

“I just love everything about him,” Ashley said through tears.

Now it’s down to the spectacular six and a historic week as “Idol Gives Back,” the hit show’s campaign to help children around the globe.

Only “Extra” has been with Simon every step of the way, from Terri’s video diary in Africa to an L.A. food bank, which will also benefit from next week’s star-studded event.

“For a dollar donated on this show, you get $20 of a full bag of groceries, which will feed one of these families,” Simon said.