Heather Mills Will 'Dance with the Stars'

A soon-to-be ex Beatle bride, an "Achy Breaky" country star, an ex 'N Syncer, a former "90210" star, a former "Extra" anchor and even the "Soprano" formerly known as Big Pussy will lace up their dancing shoes this season for ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

These are just a few of the stars on ABC's TV dance card, announced Wednesday morning by talk show titan Jerry Springer!

Jerry said all eyes will be on Heather Mills, who is in the middle of a nasty divorce battle with music legend, Sir Paul McCartney.

"Of course, initially, the interest in going to be in Heather Mills, that's an incredible story," Springer said. "And she could be phenomenal."

Also part of the season four cast are three world class athletes and two stunning beauties.

Ian Ziering is partnered up with 2-time "Dancing with the Stars" champ Cheryl Burke, but Jerry thinks Big Pussy could go far.

"I think he'll have a lot of personality," Springer admitted. "I think people are really going to like him."

Meanwhile, "Extra's" weekend co-host Mario Lopez, the undisputed best dancer on the "Extra" set, was with "Dancing" fan favorite Stacy Keibler at the GM Ten fashion show in L.A. Tuesday night.

"Practice really hard, work your butt off [and] just let it all go and have a good time," Stacy recommended.

"Just go out and have fun," Mario added. "Enjoy the moment because it goes by real quick."

"Dancing with the Stars" waltzes back to ABC March 19!

And this just in: our "Dancing Star" Mario Lopez will make his official in-studio debut Thursday before jumping onto "Extra" this weekend alongside co-host Tanika Ray!

Introducing this season's cast of "Dancing with the Stars":

• Heather Mills: Estranged ex of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, activist

• Billy Ray Cyrus: country singer, who also stars alongside his daughter Miley Cyrus on the Disney Channel's hit show "Hanna Montana"

• Leeza Gibbons: Former "Extra" host, who now has her own syndicated radio show

• Joey Fatone: former 'N Sync boy band member

• Laila Ali: A personal trainer and daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali

• Vincent Pastore: Best known as Big Pussy on the HBO hit "Sopranos," who also starred in VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club" last season

• Apolo Anton Ohno: Olympic speed-skating champion

• Paulina Porizkova: Czech-born supermodel

• Clyde Drexler: Basketball legend, who made it to the Hall of Fame

• Ian Ziering: Former star of Aaron Spelling hit "Beverly Hills 90210"

• Shandi Finnessey: Miss USA in 2004