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Kanye West Sets Up College Fund for George Floyd’s Daughter and Donates $2 Million to Fight Racism

Kanye West Sets Up College Fund for George Floyd’s Daughter and Donates $2 Million to Fight Racism

Rapper Kanye West is giving back following the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.

His rep told Variety that the star set up a college fund for Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna, and has pledged to help the families of Arbery and Taylor with legal fees.

Kanye is also donating $2 million to organizations fighting racism, and plans to support black-owned businesses in his hometown of Chicago.

On Thursday night, West attended a Good Kids Mad City march in Chicago called “Justice for George Floyd/CPD Out of CPS." According to NBC5 Chicago, protesters are demanding that Chicago Public Schools end their contract with the Chicago Police Department. Minneapolis schools just ended their contract with police, in favor of more school therapists, extracurricular activities, and more American history of race taught by black educators.

Kanye only stayed for a short time, as USA Today reports protesters became upset that his presence was taking attention away from the cause.

Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian recently announced on Instagram that her companies SKIMS and KKW Beauty and Fragrance are also donating to organizations “fighting racial injustice.”

On May 30, Kim spoke out after Floyd died during an arrest. She wrote, “Like so many of you, I am angry. I am more than angry. I am infuriated and I am disgusted. I am exhausted by the heartbreak I feel seeing mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children suffering because their loved one was murdered or locked away unjustly for being black.”

She continued, “Even though I will never know the pain and suffering they have endured, or what it feels like to try to survive in a world plagued by systemic racism, I know I can use my own voice to help amplify those voices that have been muffled for too long.”