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Katy Perry Reveals Her Makeshift Office Space During COVID-19

Katy Perry Reveals Her Makeshift Office Space During COVID-19

It was another night of “American Idol” from home, and “Extra’s” Renee Bargh got a chance to chat with the judges and Ryan Seacrest on Zoom.

Katy Perry wore another over-the-top outfit — a roll of toilet paper — and became emotional during the show. She blamed her pregnancy hormones, revealing to Renee her unique place for work during the pandemic. “My car is like my office," Katy said. "Right now, especially quarantining with my family, and they know when I'm in my car that it's Katy work time.”

Her “office” is complete with sanitizing supplies and her dog. “I have my Clorox wipes right here,” she pointed out before showing off her pup Nugget. “Hi, guys.”

Viewers voted through this season’s Top 10, and Lionel shared, “I think what I miss the most is the hug, just the physical hug of saying, 'You did an incredible job. I'm so proud of you.'"

Luke is upset for the ones who don’t make the cut, saying, "We love to send them on their way with all the confidence, so it's just a little unfortunate that we can't circle back and tell them how great they are.”

Host Ryan Seacrest is doing his part to keep the show on the air and give back during the pandemic, donating $1 million to coronavirus relief. “It's going to New York and Los Angeles to house first responders and feed first responders and also buy masks in both cities,” he said. “They are doing such amazing work.”

Seacrest also shine a light on the production side of “Idol” saying, “Almost 50 different locations with the producers and editors and talent and the singers to execute this.”

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