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Dennis Quaid Says Fiancée Laura Savoie Is ‘For Real’

Dennis Quaid Says Fiancée Laura Savoie Is ‘For Real’

Actor Dennis Quaid is busy working from home, launching his new podcast “The Dennissance.”

“Extra’s” Billy Bush FaceTimed with Quaid, 65, who is in isolation with fiancée Laura Savoie, 26.

The couple got engaged five months ago, but are putting their Hawaiian nuptials on hold. When asked what he has learned about Laura that he might not have known before the quarantine, Dennis answered, “She’s for real, I'll put it that way.”

He went on, “Going through everything you go through, including her playing stepmom and our relationship, she’s the same beautiful person that I thought she was.”

Poking fun at himself, Dennis smiled, saying, “Me on the other hand…”

He said his twins Thomas and Zoe, 12, are also adjusting to the new normal of quarantine life. Quaid shared, “They have been doing it with good humor sometimes. We are gonna get through it. School is through the computer. Yesterday my daughter — she plays volleyball — she had practice on the computer… It’s a new world.”

Dennis’s new podcast is launching today with his first guest, Billy Ray Cyrus. As for one surprising tidbit about Cyrus, he commented, “His spiritual journey, for one thing, is incredible to me… Ya know, he’s been through some things in his life… It’s a lesson in perseverance, which is the greatest asset you have in show biz.”

When Billy asked, “One thing I find most interesting about an interviewer is if that person has been through a few things. You’ve been, right, you’ve been up, you’ve been down, professionally, personally, given all of that, what do you know to be true?” Dennis quipped, “That if you really want to mess something up, make a plan.”

What’s the most difficult challenge he’s had to overcome? Dennis said, “I can tell you the most frightening moment of my life was my twins at 12 days old almost died because of an overdose of the heparin and the hospital situation… and they came through it and I think because of them a lot of lives were saved after that.”