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Abby Huntsman Welcomes Twins with Husband Jeffrey Livingston

Abby Huntsman Welcomes Twins with Husband Jeffrey Livingston
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“The View” co-host Abby Huntsman, 33, and husband Jeffrey Livingston’s bundles of joys have arrived!

On Wednesday, Huntsman gave birth to twins, daughter Ruby Kate and son William Jeffrey, in New York City.

Abby told People magazine, “Ruby came first at 5 lbs. 12 oz. She is a sweet, very calm baby.”

She added, “William is 5 lbs. 4 oz., and came into the world wide-eyed and ready to raise havoc. Both babies are long like their parents — 19 inches.”

Huntsman gushed on Instagram, "Couldn’t be more in love and thankful for a smooth delivery. The human body is truly an amazing thing. So are the amazing doctors and and nurses who make it all possible."

Abby’s father Jon, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, and mother Mary Kaye flew in from Moscow to witness the twins’ arrival.

The twins are joining their big sister Isabel Grace, 18 months.

In April, “The View” threw a baby shower for Huntsman and “Strahan and Sara” co-host Sara Haines. At their joint baby shower, Abby opened up on her pregnancy cravings, telling Parade, “I’m having a boy and girl so it makes sense that I’m craving everything. I’m craving Asian food — high-sodium stuff. I don’t eat a lot of red meat, but I’ll want a piece of steak for the iron. My favorite things have been dark chocolate covered pretzels. I eat two a day. They’re stacked in the freezer and I have plenty of them there just in case I want to eat 20 of them!”

Abby also kept it real about her pregnancy struggles, saying, “This one has been harder for me physically. It hurts to walk. With Isabel I was working to the end. I love to move. I can’t do that anymore. This is a very different experience and I have to be OK with that.”

“I have to keep my feet up when I can. I can’t go out at night because for the past seven to eight months I have partly been on bed rest when I’m not at work. It has been a real adjustment,” she continued.

Abby announced she was expecting in January. Along with revealing that it came as a surprise, she shared with People magazine, “When the doctor told us, my husband fainted, which was just classic. I think he saw two sacs in there and I could see it on his face. He turned white, and then when the doctor told us, he fell. Another doctor had to come in, and they were wiping him down with towels and giving him sugar.”

The twins came less than a year after Huntsman officially joined “The View.”