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Julie Mintz Bares All for Millennium: 'You Can Get Over Anyone!'

Julie Mintz Bares All for Millennium: 'You Can Get Over Anyone!'

Singer-songwriter Julie Mintz, a protégée of Moby's whose album "Abandon All Hope of Fruition" is out now, just posed for a Millennium cover story in — and out — of some of her most daring looks yet.

Filbert Kung for Millennium
Mintz condition

Her album, described as "Gothic Americana," has something for everyone, including songs about love and loss. Mintz told the magazine, "During the time I was writing this album I was dealing a lot with feeling like I wasn’t someone’s first choice whether it was being used by someone as a distraction from their primary relationship or being involved with someone who wasn’t honest about their faithfulness."

Filbert Kung for Millennium
Lady in red

She does offer hope, saying, "I’ve definitely healed from things I thought at the time that I’d never recover from. Of course our experiences shape us and change who we are, but hopefully we are able to persevere." She takes her inspiration from the late Anita Pallenberg, who felt lost when she and Keith Richards broke up. Mintz took from that story the truism that if she could get over losing a Rolling Stone, "You can probably get over anyone!"

Even the album's title is a form of encouragement. "'Abandon All Hope of Fruition' is a Buddhist mind-training practice that involves letting go of any hope for what we think we need in the future to be happy," she explained. "Just abandon it! Let it go! And say, ‘This is it. So what if I never get married and have kids. So what if no one else ever hears my music. Isn’t what I have good enough?'"

Filbert Kung for Millennium
Mintz walks the walk.

The current issue of Millennium, with photography by Filbert Kung, is on sale now. Mintz's album is available for download.