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Why Emilia Clarke Spoke Out About Her Brain Aneurysms

Why Emilia Clarke Spoke Out About Her Brain Aneurysms

Actress Emilia Clarke truly is a warrior on and off screen!

Last night, Emilia spoke with “Extra’s” special correspondent Megan Ryte, a stroke survivor herself, at the premiere of the highly anticipated last season of “Game of Thrones.”

When asked where she found the strength to go public about her brain aneurysms, Emilia said, “Two weeks before, I was like, 'I don’t think I can do it.' You just want people to think you can do the job that they gave you cause my God there are 20,000 other women that can do it as well. Yes, we are still fighting that fight, so showing any weakness is frightening.”

“I knew that I had to tell this story because I wanted people who are suffering from it to know that this is also what brain injury looks like, and that you can do it,” Emilia emphasized. “I wanted people to not feel alone if they did. I knew it was my duty, but it’s hard.”

The two also bonded over Megan’s Khaleesi-inspired hairdo for the night. Emilia smiled, asking, “Are we hair twinning right now? We are.”

Many “Game of Thrones” fans predict that Khaleesi could win the throne, but what does Emilia think? She answered, “From a fan's perspective, I mean, people keep asking, like, 'Who do you think should win the throne?' I'm, like, 'Me. I should get it. The Mother of Dragons.' But there are so many people who deserve the throne... there are so many.”

See who claims the throne as the last season premieres April 14 on HBO.

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