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Why Halle Berry Has Been an Open Book on Social Media

Why Halle Berry Has Been an Open Book on Social Media

It was a big night for Halle Berry, as she premiered the new BET series “Boomerang.”

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray spoke with Berry, who expressed her love for social media, saying, “I love Instagram — I’m all about Instagram.”

As for why she’s opening up her heart, Halle explained, “I try to open it up and have a different narrative than years and years of the past. It was always the same story being told, and I love that I get to tell my own story.”

The 52-year old star looked stunning as always, sharing her number-one wellness regimen. She said, “I eat well, I have a really good lifestyle-eating plan — I won’t say diet, 'cause it’s not a diet.”

Halle, who is an executive producer on “Boomerang," based on her '90s movie of the same name, admitted she wasn’t necessarily sure about taking on the material 26 years after the fact... until Lena Waithe brought the project to her. She commented, “This was Lena’s passion… Honestly, I tried talk her out of it... I was like, 'Let it be.'"

“She said, 'I really have to do it and I need you to do it with me,'” Halle continued.

The duo worked hard to make it relevant and fresh. She emphasized, “If it’s not us being trotted out… If it’s the young ones and how they have been impacted by the parents they might have had and the time that we grew up, then I think it’s a story worth revisiting.”

Berry met the cast for the first time before the premiere. She gushed, “It was great, I really loved… I was in the middle of doing ‘John Wick’ and I couldn’t get there, but I was there in spirit and Lena would FaceTime me.”

Halle agreed with the show being called, “naughty, dirty and progressive.” The big question: Will Halle’s character, Angela, make a cameo on the show? She played coy, saying, “I don’t know... you will have to watch the series to see.”

“Boomerang” premieres February 12 on BET.