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Anthony Scaramucci Reveals When He Last Talked to President Trump

Anthony Scaramucci Reveals When He Last Talked to President Trump

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci is out of the “Celebrity Big Brother” house.

“Extra” caught up with Scaramucci, who opened up about his time on the reality show, his view on “Empire" star Jussie Smollett's attack, and his current relationship with the White House.

Breaking some news, Scaramucci said, “I’m having dinner with General Kelly this week… This is the guy that fired me. My first conversation with him was three minutes long — he was doing all the talking, I was doing all the packing… For me, I want to put that behind us and bury the hatchet, so I reached out to him and asked him to go to dinner, so we will be having dinner this week and he’s gonna be the keynote speaker at my conference in May in Las Vegas.”

“I was so sore about being fired like that, but he is an American patriot. I love the country, he loves country, let’s shake hands and move on,” he continued.

What does Scaramucci want to talk about with the General? He shared, “We are both committed to ways finding ways to make the country better. There is a whole host of things we could potentially work on together.”

Many in the country are rallying behind “Empire” star Jussie Smollett after he was attacked in what is being called a hate crime. Anthony weighed in, saying, “I think that sort of behavior is disgusting.”

Smollett reported to police that his attackers used the phrase "MAGA country," referencing President Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan. Of this, Scaramucci noted, “There's a bunch of perhaps racist idiots that are going to use the red hat."

“It's a terrible thing that the hat has ridiculously turned into this totem for racism or totem for intolerance,” he emphasized. “I would like to see the White House come out and make some... statements and denounce this sort of behavior and separating the President’s message and agenda from that sort of intolerance."

While he doesn’t work in the White House, Anthony is still in contact with President Trump. He said, "Last time I talked to him was on Christmas Eve."

As for reports that the Mueller investigation is coming to a close, Scaramucci smiled, saying, "I’m not getting indicted."

He also does not think it is likely the President will be ousted from office, explaining, “My gut tells me that the President is not directly involved... based on my campaign and transition experience.”

Anthony dished on his experience on “Celebrity Big Brother” after it was revealed he was never a houseguest at all but a twist in the game! He commented, “It was four episodes. I was in the house for six days — 144 hours to be exact. I’ve got everything down to seconds and hours after my White House experience. I was there for 954,000 seconds... It was great."

Another interesting tidbit: The 55-year-old had never seen the show before! He said, "I held my own and I think I got them pretty good."

His only negative experience might have been weight gain! "I think I gained the freshman 15 in five days," he admitted. "They don’t call me the Mooch for no reason!”

Anthony played coy about a possible return to the show before season's end, dishing, "You should always expect the unexpected… If anything was gonna happen, I can’t say anything."