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Why Bradley Cooper Almost Quit Show Business

Why Bradley Cooper Almost Quit Show Business

Last night, “Extra’s” Tanika Ray was on the red carpet with actor/director Bradley Cooper, who was honored as the 32nd recipient of the American Cinematheque Award at a black-tie fundraising dinner and ceremony in Beverly Hills.

On hand to show support was his “A Star Is Born” co-star Lady Gaga, "Hangover" co-stars Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms, and “Alias” co-star Jennifer Garner.

The actor, who directed, starred in, and co-wrote the screenplay for “A Star Is Born,” told "Extra" he considered quitting show business over the years. He revealed, “You know, I’m the beneficiary of a lot of people who were kind to me over the years and gave me a chance. There’s no way I would have been here tonight right here with you if people hadn’t shown generosity towards me. I find this business to be hard at times. I’ve wanted to quit three times.”

After Tanika expressed how shocked she was by his revelation, Bradley elaborated, “Yeah, I think everybody, if you’re in it long enough, you’re going to. I think so… It was more like, 'I’m not meant for this business,' and something inside me said, ‘I have no other choice.’”