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New Details on Christina Carlin-Kraft’s Murder

New Details on Christina Carlin-Kraft’s Murder

In late August, former Playboy model Christina Carlin-Kraft was found dead at her Philadelphia apartment.

Police police arrested Jonathan Harris, 30, in connection to her murder. Security camera footage led to his arrest.

On Friday, Harris appeared in court, where his statement to police was read. According to Philly, he met her in downtown Philadelphia and agreed to go to her apartment, where they drank “about three bottles of wine” and had sex. An altercation ensued when she refused to pay for the $1,200 worth of cocaine that he was selling her. In reaction to her hiding the drugs, he slapped, punched, and tied her up.

From the statement that was read, he eventually choked her with his hands after she attempted to call 911 with her cell phone. She had asked him to give it to her so she could call her dad. After she stopped screaming, Harris grabbed the cocaine and left, believing she was still alive.

Harris said in his statement, “I panicked and was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I knew I was going to be in trouble.”

Harris, who recently served a three-year sentence on robbery charges, is scheduled to be arraigned on November 28.