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Why Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham Announced Their Wedding Date

Why Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham Announced Their Wedding Date

This morning, former "Bachelor" star Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his fiancée Lauren Burnham stopped by “Extra” in New York following their appearance today on “The View,” where they announced their wedding date!

Arie and Lauren are tying the knot on January 12, 2019, in Hawaii. Of the public reveal, Arie said, “We wanted to announce the wedding just because we know that [former fiancée Becca Kufrin’s] journey was about to begin on TV, so we wanted to clue everyone in before that got started. We thought it was the most appropriate time to announce our plans and that we are doing it privately.”

As for what they have been doing since the show, Lauren said, “I’ve moved to Scottsdale and we've been traveling a ton so I’ve really been there for two weeks total.” Arie added, “We bought a house. We looked at a ton of houses. It's in this really cool neighborhood in Phoenix called Arcadia.”

Since being together, what have they been surprised to find out about each other? Arie joked, “She's really good at throwing a football... She can rap Nicki Minaj and she’s a great cook!” Lauren’s favorite song of Nicki’s? She quipped, “'Anaconda,' hands down!”

When asked if there were any babies in in the future, Lauren said, "At least a few years in the future. I need to look cute in a wedding dress first. I'm going dress shopping for the first time tomorrow.”

What’s their message for Arie’s former fiancée and new "Bachelorette" star Becca, who is already engaged? Arie said, “We just wish Becca the best. We're probably going to watch along... we wish her a lot of happiness.”