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Sean Hannity Praises President Trump’s First Year in Office, Plus: His Take on the Kardashians

Sean Hannity Praises President Trump’s First Year in Office, Plus: His Take on the Kardashians

Cable’s highest-rated newsman, Sean Hannity, went one-on-one with “Extra,” taking on the headlines and giving President Trump his seal of approval!

The Fox News host, still one of President Trump’s biggest fans, said, “The President is showing a lot of strength and getting a lot of his promises completed.”

Along with noting Trump’s “phenomenal” first year in office, Hannity commented, “Look at all the economic indicators… We have two and a half million new jobs. We have two million fewer people on food stamps.”

What does he hope to see in Trump's second year? Referring to Trump's promise to build a wall along the Mexican border, Sean answered, “I'd build a big, beautiful wall with a door. Because it was a big promise he made. I think a lot of that is gonna happen this year.”

Hannity is not worried about his opinion of the President not translating in Hollywood.” He noted, “I don't worship at the altar of Hollywood.”

So who from Hollywood would be his dream guest on “Hannity"? Hannity replied, “I would probably pick Alec Baldwin… It would be World War III and I would love every minute of it… We'd go over everything politically because he hates my guts.”

While the host may want to go toe to toe with Baldwin, he’s not worried about the actor influencing America with his portrayal of the President on “SNL.” Hannity said, “We're gonna judge the presidency based on what ‘Saturday Night Live’ does? I don't think so.”

Sean also shared his opinion of fallen movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The 56-year-old slammed Weinstein, saying, “He just doesn't sound human. Where's your heart? Where's your soul? How'd you get to the point in life where you treat every person you come in contact with like total garbage?”

On a lighter note, Sean also weighed in on the Kardashian baby boom. Of Kylie Jenner naming her baby girl Stormi, he smirked and said, “Whatever makes Kylie happy is fine with me.”

Hannity gave the family props for the empire they have built, pointing out, “Good for them. And if they can sell product and people are interested and they watch their show, fantastic. I love it. That's the American dream.”