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Jessica Alba Is Absolutely ‘Done’ Having Kids After Baby #3

Jessica Alba Is Absolutely ‘Done’ Having Kids After Baby #3

The Honest Company founder Jessica Alba is expecting her third child any day!

Only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with the stunning movie star and business mogul, who is expecting a baby boy with husband Cash Warren.

The mom-to-be was glowing, saying, “I’m feeling pregnant.” Though it is her third child, there are some nerves. She admitted, “Cash and I at night are like, 'What is it going to be like having another kid? What does that mean for our family dynamic?' We kind of both have butterflies.”

Her daughters Honor and Haven, on the other hand, are feeling super excited about the arrival of their little brother! She dished, “They are so proud that they get to be big sisters.” They are even helping their parents come up with “a lot of unusual names.” Jessica and Cash haven’t ruled on anything just yet, but she emphasized, “You have to meet the baby and see, does that really fit?”

After baby #3, will she be having more kids? Jessica insisted, “Done, done, done!” She continued, “Yeah, my friend was like, 'You are gonna have another,' and I’m like, 'No, I’m not…' I just want a healthy baby… We’re good — three is good.”

Because of the impending arrival of the baby, Jessica is taking a year off from hosting a big Christmas and will opt for a smaller family affair with “like 20 people.” She commented, “Christmas Eve, my parents spend the night, Cash’s mom comes in from France… And then Christmas Day, we have like 80 people, a sit-down dinner, so we have to tent our yard and rent tables 'cause there’s a lot of people.”

Even more people lined up to see Jessica and her products at The Honest Company Nordstrom Shop-in Shop. She shared, “I feel so blessed and humbled by the response.”

As for her #1 tip for running a billion-dollar business, Alba revealed, “Humility is good, humility is important. Just to keep your feet on the ground, but also trust your gut.”

Promising big things in the new year for her products, she said, “In baby and beauty, you're gonna see a whole new situation — it’s going to have a facelift.”