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Nick Jonas on Brother Joe's Engagement Bash, 'Ferdinand' Song and Shania Twain Duet

Nick Jonas on Brother Joe's Engagement Bash, 'Ferdinand' Song and Shania Twain Duet
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Nick Jonas is lending his voice to the new animated film “Ferdinand" hot on the hooves of the release of his single “Home," which is featured in the movie.

Based on the beloved 1936 book "The Story of Ferdinand," which was first adapted into an Oscar-winning Disney short in 1938, the film is about a Spanish bull who would rather smell flowers than worry about bullfights. Along with Nick, the new movie also stars John Cena, Kate McKinnon and Bobby Cannavale.


Nick sat down with “Extra’s” Mark Wright to talk all about the movie just days after celebrating brother Joe Jonas's engagement news — Joe liked it so he put a ring on it, "it" referring to Sophie Turner's finger — at a star-studded NYC party. Saying the bash was “very fun, too fun," Nick gushed about how excited he is for his brother and future sis-in-law.

“I’m so happy for them!" he raved. "She’s so lovely and a beautiful addition to our family."

As for whether he will be the best man at the wedding, Nick replied, “I don’t know; it’s up to him to decide. He’s got three brothers, so it’s kinda rude to pick one." Aside from Nick, there is older bro Kevin and younger bro Frankie.

The singer explained how he became involved in "Ferdinand," noting, "I reached out to my record label and said I would like to write some original music for a film." The song is all about what it means to be accepted and loved and for Nick, that means, “When I’m home with my family — so the song 'Home' was born."

"Ferdinand" hits theaters December 15.

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Nick & Shania

Along with new music for “Ferdinand,” Nick's also got new Christmas music with country star Shania Twain, the pair just having dropped "Say All You Want For Christmas." Nick made it sound like the experience was just what he wanted from Santa this year, saying, “I love Shania — I’ve been a fan for a long time.” Revealing he actually had a crush on her as a kid, Nick admitted, “Oh, yeah — and still!... I love her more than most people."