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'Extra' Is with Oprah as She Unveils Her Favorite Things

Oprah made a surprise appearance at O magazine’s Favorite Things Party in New York City, and “Extra” was there for all the fun!

Seeing double?! FUN at the @OprahMagazine Favorite Things Reveal party! ❄️

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Oprah showed off her famous list of favorite products to a packed house of insiders along with BFF Gayle King and O creative director Adam Glassman.

Gayle dished, "The least expensive is $10. The most expensive is…" Adam jumped in, “$2,000.” Gayle added, “But it goes through the whole gamut for everybody on your list.”

Oprah kicked off with one of her top must-haves, “Tequila shots!” The former daytime host told gue she is a fan of the drink, even if her inner circle is not, “Gayle doesn't drink. In all of our years of friendship she's never had even a sip of wine and Stedman doesn't drink so…” Gayle smiled, saying, “So, we're a lot of fun.” Oprah laughed, agreeing with a sarcastic, “Yeah.”

Queen O also revealed the one thing she always carries in her purse no matter where she goes — Truffle Zest seasoning. “This is one of the greatest products ever!” she insisted.

One of her most popular favorite things is The Gratitude Jar by Josie Robinson, which sold out on Amazon before the party was even over. She said, “This will change your life.” So will her new book! She explained, “I took all of the ‘Super Soul Sunday’ interviews that I'd been doing over the past six, seven years and compiled them into one book called ‘The Wisdom of Sundays.’”

The favorite things list showcases all the products in the December edition of O magazine, and the partygoers went home with the goods as well. Gayle said, “I love seeing grown-up people get very happy and act like little kids. May we never ever lose that feeling. That's what I like about favorite things.”

Check out the full list here!