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Jerry Seinfeld Sets the Record Straight on ‘Seinfeld’ Return Rumors

Jerry Seinfeld Sets the Record Straight on ‘Seinfeld’ Return Rumors

On Sunday, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld hosted their second annual Good+ Foundation Halloween Bash in Los Angeles.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with the couple, who were dressed in their Halloween best, Jerry as an astronaut and Jessica as an adorable, old-fashioned waitress. The couple cleared the air on a recent tweet that said he would bring “Seinfeld” back if Trump was impeached. Jessica commented, “That was a fake tweet…that never happened!” She jogged his memory, saying, “The other night I showed you a tweet and said, 'You didn’t do this, right?'” Jerry added, “I said, 'No.'” He was confident about not returning to TV in that capacity, saying, “I am sitcom-ed out.”

He is, however, shooting a lot more of his hit “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” sharing, “We’re having so much fun doing them. We’re making a bunch and they will come out next year on Netflix.” Lining up the best comedians, like Kate McKinnon, Dana Carvey and Tracy Morgan, he dished, “They know I am not doing it for me, it’s more for them and the community of comedians I love to investigate.”

Jerry also gave a health update on his friend and “Seinfeld” co-star Julia-Louis Dreyfus, who recent revealed she is battling breast cancer. He said, “She’s doing fine, she’s coming along. It’s gonna be not fun, but she’s very strong, she’s got great help.” Jessica added, “She’s got great friends. She has health care.”

As for the event, the couple was having a great time, with Jerry emphasizing, “Really great, so pretty, so fun.” Proud of how far the organization has come, Jessica said, “I didn’t think it was really going to do much… but the idea really took off and once you see how impactful it is to give parents the tools they need... knowing if we weren’t doing this they wouldn’t have these things, I couldn’t stop. Here we are 16 years later!"

The Good+ Foundation fights family poverty with the help of donated children’s goods and transformational family services. For more details, visit GoodPlusFoundation.org!