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Kerry Washington Dishes on ‘Scandal’s' Last Season, Plus: Life with Her Young Kids

Kerry Washington Dishes on ‘Scandal’s' Last Season, Plus: Life with Her Young Kids

Actress Kerry Washington really has it all — a wonderful career and two beautiful children with husband Nnamdi Asomugha!

The actress sat down only with “Extra’s” Tanika Ray while being honored by the National Women’s History Museum, opening up about raising a 3-year-old, participating in the star-studded “Hand in Hand” telethon, and the last season on “Scandal."

Tanika and Kerry, both mommies to toddlers, bonded over the struggles and joys of raising kids. When Tanika showed a meme of toddlers, Kerry replied, “That is everything. That is my life!” As for the last time Kerry had lost an argument with her 3-year-old, she said, “Ten minutes ago!” But Kerry is happy to deal with it, saying, “We’re so blessed to be able to be raising courageous, bold, independent people, so it’s a privilege to lose an argument to my kids.”

The 40-year-old has been busy shooting the final 18 episodes of her hit “Scandal,” and she is just as conflicted as every other fan about the show coming to an end, commenting, “There isn’t a single feeling I haven’t had about it being the last season.”

Washington elaborated. “It’s kinda moment-to-moment. We’re all just trying to really enjoy the last season and give it our all and end with a bang.”

After Tanika mentioned that they could talk to Shonda Rhimes and convince her to do another season, Kerry smiled, agreeing. “I know, right? 'Say yes to everything, girl… how 'bout more "Scandal"'?"

So what is next for the star? Kerry revealed, “I think I’ve spent my career gravitating toward characters that are really different from each other. I’ll probably continue to do the same thing, to try and play lots of different people in lots of different situations.”

Kerry is helping those in difficult situations after the recent hurricanes, working the phones on the "Hand in Hand" telethon. Of the experience, she said, “It was so much fun to answer those phones because people were calling from all over the world and the country… I must have talked to 65 to 70 people... people who want to make a difference, people who are giving of their time and their pockets and their hearts. It was very special; I was so glad I could be a part of it.”

She added about the event, “I actually felt bad when I got on the phone. 'I’m so sorry you didn’t get Oprah. It’s just Kerry Washington, but I’m happy to talk to you as long as you like… You’re two seats away from George Clooney, but it’s me!'"

Kerry was receiving an award at the National Women’s History Museum’s 6th Annual Women Making History Awards for being the first African-American woman to headline a network TV drama series since 1974. She said, “I think when you’re in moments of history it doesn’t feel like history, it just feels like showing up for life.”

Kerry also remembered to show appreciation to "the people who have made it possible for ‘Scandal' to be a historic moment in television history. I guess I feel really grateful and excited about the prospect of things continuing to open up and evolve.”