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Prank War! Channing Wants a Truce, Halle Says No Way

Prank War! Channing Wants a Truce, Halle Says No Way

Channing Tatum versus Halle Berry?! These “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” stars have been in a prank war since Comic-Con.

“Extra” caught up with Tatum and Berry at the London premiere, where Channing reminisced about their headline-making panel at the San Diego convention when he poured shots of whiskey for his other co-stars… and a half-pint for Halle. To everyone’s surprise, the actress chugged it, no problem.

Tatum told us, “Technically, I did not make her drink the whiskey. I poured the whiskey and I had no idea she was going to drink it… I still feel bad about it, but she’s taking it to the next level, and I would like to have a truce. I want to say this on the record, I would like to have a truce with Halle Berry, please.”

What does he mean by next level? Well, he tried to apologize by sending a troupe of “Magic Mike” dancers to dance for Halle while she was on the “Ellen” show. She responded by making Channing dress up as a princess and sing “Let It Go” from “Frozen.”

Halle, who stunned in an Elli Saab dress, told us, “I should have thought of something better!”

When she heard Tatum wanted a truce, she said, “No, we’re not having a truce, there are no truces!”

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” opens in theaters Friday.