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Are Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Back Together?

Are Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Back Together?

Six months after calling it quits, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are sparking some reconciliation rumors!

Over the weekend, Katy and Orlando attended the Ed Sheeran concert at Staples Center, where they were spotted showing some PDA. A source told E! News, "They definitely seemed like they're back together. They cuddled most of the night. She sat on his lap most of the night and shared kisses."

The eyewitness went on to say, "They looked like they were having the time of their lives. People didn't really bug her. I don't really think people knew it was them because they had hats on and stuff.”

TMZ also obtained photos of the two leaving the concert together on his motorcycle.

Four months ago, Katy and Orlando ran into each other at a party in West Hollywood. At the time, a source told People magazine, "Orlando and Katy had a quick hello and a brief chat. They weren’t too friendly and hung out with separate friends at the party.”

In February, Katy and Orlando announced they were "taking respectful, loving space at this time."