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Mandy Moore’s ‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Spoiler, Plus: How She Is Changing Women's Lives

Mandy Moore’s ‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Spoiler, Plus: How She Is Changing Women's Lives

Mandy Moore is one busy girl these days — she’s shooting the second season of “This Is Us” and spreading the word on her new Her Life. Her Adventures. campaign!

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with Mandy, whose “lips are sealed” about how Jack dies. She added, “I don’t know, you’re gonna have to tune in.”

What should we expect from the first episode? She teased, “You’re going to have some indication and clue as to the reason why [he dies]… I kid you not that bits and pieces have been omitted in the script because they are so afraid of it leaking out."

She added about her co-star, who plays Jack, “I don’t want Milo [Ventimiglia] to go anywhere.”

Mandy and her castmates did not anticipate the huge fanfare surrounding the show, which has America crying every week. She said, “Crying is good, it’s cathartic, I think the country collectively needed to cry.”

“It’s so cool to be a apart of something that feels, like, important… like it's really serving a purpose out there in the world,” Mandy elaborated.

Mandy has also found purpose with the Her Life. Her Adventures campaign, which encourages women to get an education on family planning, like their birth control options. She shared, “I am really passionate… it’s basically an educational-awareness campaign to help women know their options and part of that planning happens to include family planning or birth control. We’re encouraging women to speak with our doctors about what option is right for them and their life.”

For more information on Mandy’s cause, visit HerLifeHerAdventures.com!