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'Hot Mug Shot Guy' Meeks & Topshop Heiress: Poolside PDA in L.A.

'Hot Mug Shot Guy' Meeks & Topshop Heiress: Poolside PDA in L.A.
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The same week he reportedly filed for legal separation from his wife of eight years, Melissa, so-called "Hot Mug Shot Guy" Jeremy Meeks boldly canoodled with new love Chloe Green, the Topshop billion-heiress, poolside in L.A. Friday.

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Chloe posted on Instagram, "We appreciate all the love and the hate." Then she deleted her account.

People magazine reports Meeks kicked back in a white tee (models gotta protect the skin!) and blue trunks while Green sizzled in a nude two-piece, her hair up, as the notorious new couple kissed and cuddled by a hotel pool.

Us Weekly posted pics of the couple passionately making out in the pool.

There must be something about bodies of water and these two β€” photos of them getting handsy and swapping smooches on a yacht off Turkey two weeks ago triggered international headlines and resulted in Meeks having to face his unhappy wife upon his return.

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They're like Selena Gomez's "Hands to Myself" come to life!

Meeks filed for separation July 11.

Late Friday, Meeks and Green made the scene at trendy L.A. restaurant Catch, wearing mostly black β€” Meeks in tight black jeans and a jacket over a white, high-collared shirt, and sporting a wide-brimmed bolero hat, Green in a stretchy, va-va-voom cutaway party dress. They held hands as they exited.

Black is the color Meeks' estranged wife Melissa probably feels they should be wearing as the villains in her story; not only is her marriage "over," Friday was also her birthday.

πŸ’―πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ my bday today!!

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Meeks posted several celebratory selfies on Instagram, but also posted the words, "Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie." Immediately after the suggestive saying, she posted a pic of herself with her mom and sis outside Battista's Hole in the Wall in Las Vegas, raving about the good food and thanking her family for helping her celebrate.

Great Food for my bday dinner tonight! Thanks mom and sis! πŸŽ‰

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Melissa Meeks gave an interview to DailyMail.com a week ago that suggests a lot of hurt. It will be interesting to see if the couple's separation leads to a smooth divorce, or if the high-profile "humiliation" Melissa says she has endured will fuel acrimony.

Melissa and Jeremy share one son, Jeremy Jr., who is 7.