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Demi Moore: How Stress Caused Her to Lose Her Two Front Teeth

Demi Moore: How Stress Caused Her to Lose Her Two Front Teeth

Actress Demi Moore recently revealed she lost her two front teeth due to stress, and she got candid about the experience today with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway.

Moore, who is looking better than ever at 54, sat down with AJ and her “Blind” co-stars Alec Baldwin and Dylan McDermott, who were astonished to hear her story.

While Demi didn’t “want to get into what was the stress,” she shared, “Stress, when you are not acknowledging it, and how I actually held my bottom teeth against my front teeth, knocked my front teeth out.”

Moore went on, “It was an unconscious thing, where I was just resting my bottom teeth so long… Stress is a harder detox than even drugs, and it can outlet in ways. Mine happened to outlet with literally a tooth falling out into my hand and I thought, ‘Holy crap! My warranty is up!’" She told AJ she is better now, asking, “Don’t I seem so peaceful?”

The co-stars also opened up about “Blind,” a film that tells the story of novelist Bill Oakland (Baldwin), who loses his wife and his sight in a car crash. Five years later, socialite Suzanne Dutchman (Moore) is forced to read to Bill three times a week as a plea bargain for being associated with her husband Mark’s (McDermott) insider trading. A passionate affair ensues.

“I don’t read scripts like this very often,” Demi said while explaining what drew her to the intense drama. "It has some really interesting complexities. To really feel seen by someone who can’t see, it was a very profound message and love story.”

Alec revealed how he got into character as a blind man. “Demi and I went to the Lighthouse for the Blind in the city,” he said. "Picked up a lot of useful information.”

Dylan said he took the “bad guy” role because, “There is something desperate about this guy I identified with.”

“Blind” opens in theaters July 14.