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Jennifer Lopez’s Ex, Diddy, Approves of Her BF Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex, Diddy, Approves of Her BF Alex Rodriguez

“Shades of Blue” star Jennifer Lopez and rapper Diddy were hip-hop’s original super couple from 1999-2001.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh recently sat down with Diddy, who is promoting his new film “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Bad Boy Story.” Diddy told Renee he “absolutely” approves of Jennifer’s hot new romance with Alex Rodriguez. He said of A-Rod, “He’s a great guy.”

Diddy, who was just named Forbes’ highest-paid entertainer of 2017, is spreading the word on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” which tells his life story. He said, “Oh, man, this is the movie where I gave up control. 'Cause I’m a control freak, and I just put it in the hands of the director, Daniel Kaufman. I was busy putting together the show and he just got the cameras rolling and things were going on things we had to deal with — we couldn’t really run from the past, so we had to deal with the past, present and future.”

“It’s something that started out as, like, a regular music documentary,” the mogul added, "but it became something much bigger. It became a feature film. It’s something out there to inspire people, not just tell our history, but to inspire people."

The documentary follows his incredible rise to fame. “We had to deal with 20-some-odd years of hits and 20-some-odd years of trials and tribulations and we looked up and we just had, like, this beautiful movie.”

One of the biggest trials was the heartbreaking loss of his close friend Biggie Smalls, who was gunned down in 1997. Diddy revealed, “Yeah, I was definitely scared. I was young, I was scared. I came in to make music. I didn’t want to lose my life. I didn’t want to see nobody else lose their life.”

Diddy is not only a successful musician and businessman, but also a father of six. As for how he guides his kids in the right direction, the 47-year-old said, “I think it makes me very protective of them. It makes me protective of where their spirit's at, most importantly, 'cause when I was going through a lot of that stuff, I lost a lot of my spirit. So when they’re going through things, I try to make sure their spirit stays intact.”

Trying to keep his faith intact and with him always, Diddy recently had a large tattoo of the Madonna and Child inked on his back. Of the fresh ink, Diddy, who says he has a high threshold for pain, commented, “That was, like, 40-some-odd hours… over, like, a year." The last session took eight hours alone.

"Can't Stop, Won't Stop" will be available on Sunday on Apple Music.