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Pics! Jim Carrey Shaves His Beard

Pics! Jim Carrey Shaves His Beard
Homeboy Industries

Over the years, actor Jim Carrey has often been spotted with a beard, but he’s finally decided to shave it off!

Last week, Carrey debuted a clean-shaven look while showing some support for Homeboy Industries, the preeminent gang rehabilitation and re-entry program, which helps people develop the strength and skills to transform their lives and contribute to society in a positive way.

During his visit, he delivered a “Thought of the Day” to the Homeboy community, who were more than happy to meet him. He told the community, “You are heroes to me. I admire you because when you step through these doors and you decide to part of this family, you made a decision to transcend and to leave darkness behind. It takes a champion to make that decision.”

Jimmy also opened up on his struggles, saying, "I’ve had some challenges myself in the last couple years, myself. Ultimately, I believe that suffering leads to salvation… We have to somehow accept, not deny, the feel of our suffering and feel our losses… We decide to either go through the gate of resentment, which leads to vengeance and self harm… or we go through the gate of forgiveness, which leads to grace."

Carey has rarely stepped out without a beard in recent years. In August, he decided to go beardless while celebrating legendary comic Jerry Lewis’ 90th birthday.