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John Travolta Donates Boeing 707 to Historical Society

John Travolta Donates Boeing 707 to Historical Society

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society has a new plane, courtesy of John Travolta!

The actor has donated his personal Boeing 707 aircraft to HARS, which is located approximately 90 miles south of Sydney.

Travolta said in a statement, "It gives me great pleasure to make this exciting historical announcement that my beloved Boeing 707 aircraft has been donated to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society… I am just so grateful to be fortunate enough to count many hours flying such a beautiful aircraft.”

John hopes to be part of a crew that will fly the aircraft — which was originally delivered to Qantas Airways in 1964 — to Australia, where the HARS team will begin restoration efforts.

Travolta added, “I am truly excited by this project and am just so pleased that this beautiful aircraft, for which I obviously have very fond memories, will continue to fly well into the future."