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Sharon Stone Opens Up on Her Painful Miscarriages

Sharon Stone Opens Up on Her Painful Miscarriages

Only “Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Hollywood superstar Sharon Stone and her sister Kelly as the two banded together to raise money and awareness at Lupus L.A. Orange Ball: Rocket to a Cure.

Sharon was spending the special night with her sister Kelly, who is battling lupus. Sharon, who held back tears, was happy to be by Kelly's side, commenting, “I have to say I think it's brought us a lot closer, wouldn't you?” Kelly replied, “I think so… It's amazing that I have a sister who is not afraid to use her voice, and people listen and she loves me so much.”

Stone has also been affected by lupus, explaining, “The Rh factor is a genetic thing, so all of the siblings have the Rh factor.” As a result, she had difficulties getting pregnant, pointing out, “I can say that I had three, five-and-a-half-month miscarriages and no one had any answer for me, what's going on, why is this happening to me. So, I think when we go through this as a family, it's devastating that the medical community is not paying the attention that's needed.”

Terri was able to relate, since she’s had her own struggle with the disease. “I have lupus myself, and I've been in remission for almost 10 years now,” she said. Kelly responded, “That's wonderful.”

Sharon chimed in, “There's no experience like the experience of having it in your home and the experience of having it yourself.” When Terri confessed, “I was told as well that I couldn't have a baby and I just had one,” Kelly responded, “Wonderful! You had one, you had the miracle.”

Sharon, looking as good as ever, just celebrated her 59th birthday. Of the special day, she said, “I had a great birthday, just a great birthday.”

Stone recently showed off her bikini body on Instagram. What’s her secret to staying fit? She revealed, “I thought, ‘How would I like to age?' I'd like to age like a dancer, and as a dancer you have to dance, stretch, and move, so that's what I do — I do Pilates, I really eat healthfully and I prefer the healthier life.”

Enjoying life with her three adopted sons Quinn, Ronan and Laird, Sharon shared, “My boys are great, all three of them are great… It’s a special time.”