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Sienna Miller Gets Candid on Her Nipples and Bedtime with Ex Tom Sturridge

Actress Sienna Miller is opening up about motherhood in the May issue of Allure.


Since giving birth to her daughter Marlowe with ex Tom Sturridge in 2012, Miller’s body has changed. She shared, "I do miss my breasts being where they were. And, yes, I have nipples like fighter pilots' thumbs. But I also sort of like that they're a little '70s. And that they fed my kid.”

Though Miller and Sturridge ended their engagement in 2015, they still see each other “all the time” to co-parent Marlowe. She explained, "We do bedtime every day. We felt like as much togetherness as possible would be ideal, and fortunately we really love each other and are best friends, and so that works. It's not that it's not complicated, because it is.”

As for the challenges of raising Marlowe, Sienna went into detail on the messy parts. She shared one instance when Marlowe was battling “norovirus,” saying, "I skidded on the sick and fell. Whacked my head. Then I get her out of the bunk; she's crying, covered in sick. I take her to the bathroom, take all her clothes off, and then the dog comes up and starts eating the sick. And I get her in the bath and in my bed, and I'm just, like, literally naked, mopping, and crying at midnight. You know, and that's parenthood.”

Despite the challenges of parenthood, Sienna “would love” to have more children, but notes that she has “to figure out” who she would want the father to be!


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