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Justin Theroux Breaks Down Jennifer Aniston’s Hot ‘Leftovers’ Premiere Look

Justin Theroux Breaks Down Jennifer Aniston’s Hot ‘Leftovers’ Premiere Look

Justin Theroux and Jen Aniston aren’t just one of Hollywood’s hottest power couples, they are also one of the nicest!

Last night, the duo went out for a night on the town for the third-season premiere of Justin’s HBO show “The Leftovers.” While talking to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, Justin complimented his wife’s red-carpet look, asking, ”Did you see that little number she's walking in, the big leather sleeve?”

Renee raved about Jennifer’s Brandon Maxwell dress, saying, “So sexy.” Justin responded, “I know.”

Though Jen was not talking to reporters, she took time to spot and tell Renee she liked her new haircut. Renee shared, “She walked up to me and was like, ‘You got banged and it looks good.’ I was like, 'I wanna keep you. I just want to put you in my pocket and take you everywhere.' She's the best! I love her.” Justin agreed, “She's amazing.”

Justin and Jen are getting ready to celebrate their second wedding anniversary this summer. After their recent chat about fun gifts he usually gets Jen, Renee told him that cotton is the traditional gift. Justin joked, “I’ll get her a pair of socks.”

The actor is going shirtless for the show’s final-season poster, admitting he is relieved knowing he won’t have to be shirtless again soon, “'Cause I'm gonna finally be able to eat, you know, some Hot Pockets.” When Renee asked, “Is that what you're going for, Hot Pockets?” Justin explained, “No, no, but you do breathe a sigh of relief and let out your diaphragm after awhile.”