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Mommy Blogger Announces Divorce from Gay Husband: 'It Was Our Secret'

Mommy Blogger Announces Divorce from Gay Husband: 'It Was Our Secret'
Smokler family photo

Jill Smokler, the blogger behind the popular site Scary Mommy, has surprised her readers with not one, but two, big announcements: She's getting divorced, and it's because her husband of 17 years is gay.

People magazine reports that Jeff Smokler was always honest with his wife about his attraction to men.

Jill insisted, "I signed on for this. It was our secret and we were in it together. I could have opted out before we had kids. I had that opportunity, but I couldn’t wrap my head around this feeling that this was my person. I didn’t want to walk away."

Jeff told the magazine he thought he was bisexual and he could keep one part of himself under control, but later realized that was the wrong approach. “...Over the years, my sexuality became much more a part of who I was. For many years, Jill and I viewed it as a piece of me that we had to deal with, but I think we both silently knew over time that it was becoming a bigger piece of me."

Their mutual feelings of love kept them together long after it was clear Jeff was gay. “What’s amazing to me is how in love a gay man could be with a woman,” Jeff revealed.

The couple is handling their divorce with maturity and calm, and have told their three kids — Lily, 13; Ben, 11; and Evan, 9. Lily's response was to hug and reassure her dad, and the parents have told their kids, "Mommy and Daddy are going to be happy now and happier people make better parents."