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Zoe Saldana Dishes on Life with Her Twin Boys

Zoe Saldana Dishes on Life with Her Twin Boys

While promoting her new film “Live by Night,” Zoe Saldana chatted with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez about her hectic life at home with her husband Marco and two-year-old twin boys Cy and Bowie.

Zoe shared on Friday, “There’s one [saying] that just goes 'no quiero, no quiero' that means 'I don’t want to' in Spanish, and the other one goe, 'I don’t wanna,' so you’re just hearing a lot of nos!” She added, “There is a lot of patience we have to have and patience only comes with rest, and that’s something we don’t have a lot of.”

Along with making movies, Zoe is dealing with double diaper duty. “These freaking boys can sit on these dirty diapers for hours, and the house is stinking up and you're like, ‘Can I change your diaper?' and they go, ‘Nooooooooo!'” She went on to say, “And they do everything together! They sleep at the same time, they eat at the same time, they poop at the same time.”

Though she has been featured in one of the biggest sci-fi franchises, Zoe is taking on a different role in her latest movie, “Live by Night.” She plays Ben Affleck’s love interest, Graciella Suarez, in a story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime. e’s character is a Cuban immigrant at the center of a colossal, illegal liquor-distribution business. “I felt like I must play this character because I haven’t played this character ever.”

Not only is Ben acting, he’s also the director on the flick. She gushed, “Ben gave us all this safety net to be ourselves to add on to our characters what he trusted that we were going to do with them… I never felt anxious looking at him and asking for one more take, 'cause he would grant that. That felt really amazing.”

The 38-year-old is also returning to the big screen in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” revealing, “You’re gonna cry, so just get ready. You’re gonna laugh. They’re all the same, they’re all idiots, they’re always fighting, but they’re always sticking together… The script is very heartfelt, I have to say.”

“Live by Night” hits theaters January 13.