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Prince Michael Jackson Gives Update on Debbie Rowe’s Health

Prince Michael Jackson Gives Update on Debbie Rowe’s Health

Last night, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Prince Michael Jackson as he celebrated his LMU Student Organization Heal L.A.’s Christmas celebration at the Boys & Girls Club Los Angeles Harbor.

Prince gave a status update on how his mom Debbie Rowe is doing as she battles cancer, telling Renee, “She’s doing okay, she’s fighting and everything.”

Prince is doing a lot of good, following in his father Michael Jackson’s footsteps of giving back. “I enjoy doing it mostly because I get to help someone else.” The 19-year-old added, “He had actually taken us to a hospital one time. There was a long corridor with beds on either side of all these sick children, but he came in with sleighs full of toys, he made all the kids happy and smile, there was music playing — that was a good feeling.”

He is getting ready to celebrate the holidays and explained that for him, they’re all about “coming together after the end of the year and seeing what everyone is up to.”

The college student recently wrote letters to those who have impacted his life. “I wanted to show people that it’s important to express gratitude for the people that have supported you. For me, it was everyone from people in my family to my Gracie instructors… I want people to know it feels good to show your appreciation and your thanks.”

Prince Michael is trying to finish college while running his own production company. “We have a couple of projects with the family that we’re working on, I have a production company, I’m trying to finish college… Feature films is the end goal.”

Last night, his goal was to make less fortunate kids have a nice holiday. “We raised a lot of money… We got a lot of letters from kids. We tried to fulfill as many letters as we could with the $10,000 we raised.”