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Why Michael Phelps Kept His Marriage Secret

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps stepped out in NYC with his wife Nicole at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year gala, where he was presented a special award naming him the Greatest Olympian of All Time.

“Extra” caught up with the newlyweds before the event, where they gushed over their baby son, Boomer, and revealed why they kept their marriage secret at first.

Nicole said they chose to keep the nuptials private "so I could travel overseas without worrying. You have to do so much as a parent to make sure that you are legally traveling with your child, so we thought it was one more step to be cautious when I was traveling with Boomer and he was competing.”

The couple revealed married life isn’t that much different than their lives before, since they have known each other for so long. Michael told “Extra," “We’ve been through everything and you can say we’re now legally married… Sometimes I keep catching myself saying fiancée. When we were trying to hide that we had already gotten married, I was saying fiancée. Now we’re married, I keep catching myself saying fianceé. I got to get back into saying wife.”

When talking about his 7-month-old son, Michael said, “He’s so happy every day, he literally smiles all the time — he’s incredible. We’re seeing more and more of his personality every day.” Nicole added, “He’s trying to speak, so every day we’re trying to sound out what he says. We’re both like, ‘Say Mama, say Dada.’”

The Phelps family is getting ready to celebrate the holidays together. The swimmer shared, “The coolest thing is watching every day there’s something different. We’re enjoying parenthood and getting ready for his first Christmas… We just got our first tree, his first tree.” Nicole added, “He loves grabbing the pine needles — it’s so cute!”