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JLaw Apologizes for Hawaiian Butt-Scratching Anecdote

JLaw Apologizes for Hawaiian Butt-Scratching Anecdote
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After relating a story about how she once used a sacred Hawaiian rock to scratch her butt, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence has issued a heartfelt apology, Us Weekly reports.

On the British series "The Graham Norton Show" last week, Lawrence recounted filming in Hawaii, saying she had sat on some sacred rocks while wearing a wetsuit. “You were not supposed to sit on them because you weren’t supposed to expose your genitalia to them,” she remembered. When she used the rocks to scratch herself, her action led to one rock coming loose and destroying a sound guy's station.

After telling the story, Jennifer faced backlash on social media, with users pointing out her insensitivity to locals.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the actress was contrite, stating that she had intended her story to sound self-deprecating and funny, but that she now understands why it wasn't so funny to native Hawaiians:

Lawrence will next be seen in the space movie "Passengers" with Chris Pratt, opening December 21.