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Bethenny Frankel Under Fire for Calling Anti-Trump Protesters ‘Moronic’

Bethenny Frankel Under Fire for Calling Anti-Trump Protesters ‘Moronic’

“The Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel is facing some backlash for criticizing those protesting Donald Trump’s election win.

On Wednesday night, thousands across America protested Trump’s win, which prompted Frankel to tweet, "Crazy to bully and badger over the election. We and the media nominated them and we had the right to vote for either.”

She went on, "This protesting is moronic. What is the government going to say? ‘Just kidding. Do over?’”

When one Twitter user responded to Frankel’s tweet, writing, "multimillionaire white women haven't exactly been the focus of his vitriol for over a year so you wouldn't know their feelings,” she tweeted back, "You look mighty white to me @DerekLAllen1."

Frankel appeared to be very concerned about violence associated with the protests. She explained, "People are burning flags This is not a joke. She won New York so no reason to burn our city to the ground. Cursing and screaming and fighting and burning flags is not productive right now… I’m sorry — processing grief and frustration is one thing. This is another.”

Around 100,000 people protested the election outcome in New York City, including Madonna, who posted a video on Instagram. Watch!

Some of the other cities that saw protests include Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.