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What Eddie Murphy’s Ninth Baby Is Already Saying

What Eddie Murphy’s Ninth Baby Is Already Saying

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher, who were on a date night without their new bundle of joy at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Paige shared, “We don’t get out much. We’re homebodies. We’re on the couch most of the time.”

Eddie and Paige just welcomed their daughter Izzy in May, which has made them a lot busier! Eddie gushed, “We’re loving it. She’s saying, ‘Daddy.'” Paige added, “She’s really good. She’s six months.”

When Renee asked about Paige’s post-baby body secrets, Eddie commented, “How did you do it? She just bounced right back. She’s very fortunate.”

Aside from their baby girl, Murphy also commented on the presidential election, which is happening on Tuesday. He said, “I just hope America makes the right choice. Whatever the choice they make will be the right choice.”

Murphy was honored with the Hollywood Achievement Award at the ceremony. He smiled, “It’s nice to come out and get a trophy.” When asked where he keeps his endless awards, he joked, “I have a little table in my office that I have my two awards on."