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Matthew McConaughey Dishes on 47th Birthday Celebration with His Family

Matthew McConaughey Dishes on 47th Birthday Celebration with His Family

On Sunday, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Matthew McConaughey at the Hollywood Film Awards, where he chatted about his 47th birthday party!

McConaughey shared, “It was good. My family took me down to South Texas, outside of my original hometown, and we visited the river where I learned to swim. We've been there a few times and we camped out, cooked, stayed up late, partied, danced, and had a wonderful time."

As for his gifts from his family, Matthew admitted, “I haven't even opened the gifts — that [trip] was the main gift. I got home, actually got home this morning, flew straight out here, so all my gifts are sitting on my table. I'll open them in a couple weeks when I go back.”

Matthew’s birthday was just days before the presidential election. When asked if he is going to watch the election, Matthew said, “I'll be actually working Tuesday night, so that will be a feed into my left ear, someone letting me know what the outcome is, which I think I do know what it's going to be.”

Moving on from politics, McConaughey dished on how one of his first TV roles ever helped catch a fugitive. He said, “That was 'Unsolved Mysteries.' They actually caught the guy two weeks later after we aired the episode.”

McConaughey was on hand to be honored for his role in “Gold,” which has him going through a crazy physical transformation like he did when he played a stick-thin man dying of AIDS in “Dallas Buyers Club." This time, he’s a paunchy, balding businessman. He shared, “I mean, when the role calls for it, it's part of the fun of what we get to do. Most people only get Halloween night to go play dress up, we get to do it — like, commit to it — for, like, eight months, and that's the fun of what I get to do. Plus, I get to go inhabit another guy or do my best to do that and then quit and do something else."

Of the movie, Matthew continued, "I'm really looking forward to supporting this film for the next however long. I loved doing it, it's my favorite performance, my favorite character I've ever played."