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Ozzy Osbourne Gives Update on His Marriage

Ozzy Osbourne Gives Update on His Marriage

On Monday, rocker Ozzy Osbourne sat down on “Good Morning America,” where he opened up about the status of his relationship with wife Sharon Osbourne.

In May, it was announced that Ozzy and Sharon were going their separate ways after 33 years of marriage. Rumors were flying that Ozzy allegedly cheated on Sharon with a hairstylist, who was called out by their daughter Kelly on Twitter. At the time, Kelly even posted hairstylist Michelle Pugh’s phone number and said, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE DID! So keep ur high-mighty opinions to yourself!” When “GMA’s” Jesse Palmer asked about his separation, Ozzy set the record straight, saying, “No, it’s just a bump in the road. It’s back on track again.” Watch!

Ozzy was also joined for the interview by son Jack, who added his two cents, "As a married person myself, marriage is not like, ‘Hey, we’re married, all is good.’ I mean, it’s just life.”

The 67-year-old chimed in, "And we both live happily ever after? I’d like to find the person who wrote that and poke him in the eye with a burning stick. Some days it’s good, some days it’s terrible, some days you just drift apart for a while, but you get back on the horse, you know?”

Last week, Ozzy and Sharon were spotted spending time together in Los Angeles. A pal told People, "They're happy hanging out together. She's got U.K. 'X Factor' soon and will be traveling over for that."