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Blonde No More! How Gwen Stefani Looks with Curly Brown Hair

On Thursday, singer Gwen Stefani took to Snapchat to debut a new look she’ll be sporting on her This Is What The Truth Feels Like tour, which she kicked off near Boston on Tuesday.


In the pic, Gwen wore a brown wig and captioned, “My tour look.”

The next day, Stefani went back to her trademark blonde hair to perform her song "Misery" on "Today," where she was grilled about boyfriend Blake Shelton.

When asked if Stefani wrote “Misery" about Blake, she laughed, “You’re crazy… The song's called ‘Misery,' but it's about love. That’s all I'm going to say about that.” Blake was the inspiration behind Gwen’s recent single "Make Me Like You.”

Though Blake was not on hand for her performance, she revealed he is joining her in the Big Apple, saying, “I think he is on his way here right now.” Last week, Blake also appeared on “Today," where he chatted about making their relationship work while they head out on the road. Watch!