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Christina Grimmie’s Brother at Vigil: ‘She Treated Everybody the Same’

Christina Grimmie’s Brother at Vigil: ‘She Treated Everybody the Same’

Last night, Christina Grimmie’s brother Marcus attended a vigil for her in Evesham, New Jersey, where he opened up about her tragic death.

Marcus, 23, told the crowd, "The tragedy that took place was at a free meet-and-greet post-show. I missed the first glimpse, but witnesses say she was arms open wide [to the shooter]. She had no idea and she treated everybody the same.”

After Christina was shot and killed, Marcus tackled shooter Kevin James Loibl to the ground, preventing others from being killed. TMZ reports Loibl had a history of violence with women. He reportedly got into an altercation with his father's fiancée, Dawn, who claims he slammed the door on her arm and broke her wrist. Loibl told a different story to the cops, claiming Dawn was intoxicated and he was trying to flee to his room. No arrests were made.

Despite his heroic actions, Marcus only had his little sister on his mind, saying, "Christina was awesome. She loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the Lord, and she loved me. She was my baby sister.”

Marcus also commented on the Orlando shooting, which took place just one day after Christina’s tragedy. He said, "About four miles from where we were staying, there was a huge tragedy to Orlando, to the U.S., the LGBT community, to the whole world. Fifty people dead, who knows who's injured, and I come home to this. I have no words. All of those people that died and are suffering. My heart goes out."

He also took time to show appreciation for the love and support that his family has received since Christina’s death. "I have no words... I had five people fly out [to Orlando], my mom and dad — people bought them plane tickets. Adam Levine paid for Christina's funeral… Selena [Gomez] is singing a song and crying.”

“She's in a better place. Thank you to everyone once again. I wish I could elaborate more, you guys didn't know her like I did, so thank you. This is awesome," Marcus added.

To help support Christina's family during this tough time, visit GoFundMe.com.