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Uh-Oh! Meghan Trainor Takes a ‘Tonight Show’ Tumble

Uh-Oh! Meghan Trainor Takes a ‘Tonight Show’ Tumble

Last night, Meghan Trainor wowed the crowd with a performance of “Me Too” on “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” despite tripping on camera.


Trainor was able to handle the fall like a pro and finish the performance on the floor with a laugh. Fallon immediately joined Trainor on stage to make sure she was okay after the fall. He joked, "Of every single dance move, grabbing the mic is the toughest. Standing ovation for Meghan Trainor, everybody!"


Following her performance, Trainor wrote on Instagram, "Might have fell down... but I KILLLED that sh*t hahaha #keepinitreal 💯 thank you @fallontonight for having me❤️ #metoo."

When a Twitter follower asked if she was hurt from the fall, Meghan responded, "Haha I didn't feel it till hours later. I'm all good tho. Barely a scratch.”