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Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Support Hillary Clinton at NYC Fundraiser

Last night, Katy Perry endorsed Hillary Clinton at a fundraising concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Perry sported a shirt with the words, “Hillary Clinton is a badass” and captioned an Instagram photo, “Nuff said.”

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At the fundraiser, Perry also performed a few of her hit songs, including “Roar” and “Firework.” She had similarly endorsed and performed for President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

In-between songs, Perry revealed to the audience why she was voting for Hillary. She shared, “I’m not voting for her because she’s a woman, I’m voting for her because she’s the right person for the job.”

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She continued, “This election feels very personal to me, and I think it feels very personal to a lot of people here, and I know there’s a lot at stake. We need a president who can do all parts of the job. A person that is strong but also human, that loves humanity and looks out for us and our basic human rights and needs, which I can’t believe are still a question in 2016. I do believe this woman believes in unconditional love. She sees equally, all parts.”

Katy’s new beau Orlando Bloom was also spotted outside of the venue on the same night that she performed.

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The two recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii, where they were caught holding hands during a hike. A source told E! News, "It was a last-minute kind of trip for them both. They are pretty spontaneous people. Katy loves outdoors activities and one of her favorite places to travel is Hawaii."

The source added, "Katy likes how down-to-earth Orlando is. They seem to be getting serious and are an official couple. She calls him her boyfriend."