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Big Ang’s Sister Reflects on Her Final Days in Funeral Speech

Big Ang’s Sister Reflects on Her Final Days in Funeral Speech
On Monday morning, Big Ang’s life was celebrated by her loved ones at her funeral, which was held at Brooklyn’s Basilica of Regina Pacis.

At the funeral, Big Ang’s sister Janine Detore spoke to the 500 guests about her sister's last days at the hospital. She said, "A few days before her death, my sister said she was at peace with dying and she was ready. I said, 'I'm not!' She said, 'Get over it!’”

While wiping away tears, Detore shared, “She was a star long before TV. 'Mob Wives' didn't make her a star, she made the show a hit.”

Ang’s niece Jeannie Detore also spoke at the funeral and shared her speech on Instagram. See it below.

(Continuation)... Boop there. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and now I believe that AJ, Gabby, Angelina, and Robert are living at my house because that's where you would want them to be. I'm so grateful to have a part of you during this difficult time. I see you in Angelina so much especially when she asks us to put rollers in her hair. Angelina is just like you she knocks on my door, sits at my vanity, puts red lipstick on with my red wig and dances around. There are so many memories, secrets, obstacles, and accomplishments you've created with me and my family that can last a lifetime. The bond we had with each other is indescribable. Our last text was you texting me "I have to go to bora bora" and I wrote "omg take me with you" and you said to me "I will." Now I will be taking you with me by my side because I know that's where you'll always be.

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After Big Ang’s death, Jeannie got a tattoo on her arm to honor her. She wrote, "No words can describe this pain. I love you so much my beautiful biggest angel 💔💕💋 @inkcouturenyc."

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Ang, who was surrounded by flowers, was apparently dressed in a fur coat. A source told Us Weekly that it was “the way Ang would have wanted it.”

A day before the funeral, Big Ang’s kids A.J. and Raquel, her estranged husband Neil Murphy, and her co-stars Renee Graziano, Marissa Fiore, and Natalie Guercio attended her wake at the funeral home.  

Last week, Big Ang lost her battle to cancer at the age 55.