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Exclusive: Christina Aguilera Dishes on ‘The Voice,’ Woman Power, and Her Kids

Singer Christina Aguilera is back for the 10th season of “The Voice” and she's on a mission to become the first female coach to win!  

Aguilera down with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez for an exclusive interview, dishing on the new season and so much more!

Fun afternoon with @Xtina . We laughed about my episode of Golden Girls...

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Christina told Mario about returning, “I'm most excited, 'cause I think I have the strongest team overall that I've had in all the seasons. I've done it since the first season.”

Not only is she back, Xtina is determined to break the all-male coach winning streak of the past nine seasons. “I'm hoping to break the girl curse… no actual girl coach has won it yet, and it's driving me nuts!”  

Aguilera is all about the girl power on set, especially since she is outnumbered by the guys. “Just now, we had Miley, and when she came on, it was like I finally felt like the balance of the universe shift and it was like I had like a female counterpart and I was so excited. I just love females.”  

Miley is a special advisor this season, while the legendary Patti LaBelle is joining team Xtina as a mentor. Christina gushed, “When you have such amazing vocal talent that is legendary come on the show, it was like, all hail Patti, we actually had a really special moment.”  

She also revealed that Patti brought her a pie, singing, “The Patty Pie!! On my own!!” Aguilera continued, “I was like, loving that, so it was so much fun. We did have a lot of laughs, a lot of fun and she was just, you know, she was so sweet and complimentary too.”
In terms of politics, Aguilera praised candidate Hillary Clinton. “Love Hillary, she came to the house and we hosted a fundraiser for her, and she’s just so inspiring, so amazing, and she is just the woman that is going to get it down."
Christina also showed some love for her “Nashville” buddy Hayden Panettiere, who just competed against her in “Lip Sync Battle.” She shared, “I just love her. She's like, what? All of my height, 5 foot 2, and feisty, and she's married to this crazy huge boxer, I can't even, I'm so fascinated by that.”   
The 35-year-old recently discussed the power of women in the latest issue of “Women’s Health,” which features her on the cover. She explained, “I really enjoy doing those Women's Health covers because we just put so much pressure on ourselves as women to look a certain way and be a certain way… Yoga is one of the things that I found to really help me, but I also wanted to speak on behalf of every woman that's, you know, we're expected to be you know have babies, be the nurturers, the caretakers, you know, take care of our husbands and then whenever we have the babies after being pregnant for nine months, it's like then we have to put ourselves on a hold to breastfeed. It's awesome, I love my kids, Kudos to any mom who's taking this journey on, they're the best things in the world, but women, I think have to pamper themselves too and be good for them.”
Christina is mom to 8-year-old Max and 1-year-old daughter Summer Rain, admitting that Max doesn’t watch her on “The Voice.” She laughed, “He barely knows what 'The Voice' is. If I worked on 'American Ninja Warriors,' then my son would be interested but 'The Voice'… not his thing.”  

Summer Rain, on the other hand, loves hanging out on the set of “The Voice.” Christina revealed, “She's a people person, so she comes on set and she's just like, just her big blue eyes just kill everybody, so she loves people.” When asked if she would support her kids should they pursue a career in the industry, she responded, “I want to support anything my kids want to do, whether it’s singing or music or a garbage truck driver.”
Aside from “The Voice,” her fans will be thrilled to know that she is working on new music. “My album will be an album of freedom and it will be everything. I feel like I really haven’t been able to be the past few years. I’m really excited about this album, it will be a body of work that will be timeless.”  

“The Voice” returns to NBC February 29.