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Rob Kardashian Doesn't Look Like This Anymore! See His New Look

Rob Kardashian Doesn't Look Like This Anymore! See His New Look
Rob Kardashian has said good-bye to his beard!

On Thursday, Rob’s girlfriend Blac Chyna posted a video on Snapchat of Rob’s new clean-shaven look during their trip to the grocery store.

[Credit: Snapchat]

In the video, Chyna talked about cooking dinner for Rob. She asked, "So listen, Rob, do you know what collard greens is? Yes or no?” When he responded, “Nah,” she said, "Imma make you some collard greens tonight — I promise!” Watch!

Chyna also showed off the meal, which featured pork chops and veggies.

Just a day before, she defended Rob against haters on Snapchat, she said, "You know what I hate the most? Whack-a** b*tches," she said in one video. "All right, so, I go on Instagram and my Snapchat and people is talking s**t about Rob. Right, you're a weak-a b*tch.”

She continued, "What's so crazy is, like, 'You b*tches are so f**king concerned. Worry about yourself. Worry about your f**king account.' Imma give you guys, like, the benefit of the doubt, you haters. These are the same bitches talking s*** time and time again. Like, worry about yourself.”

Chyna also referenced Rob’s quiet disappearance from the public over the past few years. She said, "I'm about to tell y'all something. So he's been, like, low-key for three years and y'all b*tches ain't about to run him back in.”